HELLENURME WATERMILL – an exciting attraction in South Estonia

It is an industrial heritage, where we grind flour and past:)!

In southern Estonia, 35 km from Tartu, the watermill of Hellenurme Manor, built in 1880, is still in operation on the Elva River. The mill works as a museum that can be visited at notice with a group or alone. The mill museum offers different programs, catering can be ordered.

On the four floors of the mill, which still works on the water, you can see, touch, feel, taste what can be made from grain.
At the breadroom, we cook traditional bread from fresh grinder flour, which leads to the ancestral time in our minds.

  • Milltour
  • Breadmaking workshop “From water to bread” (“Veest leivani”)
  • Woodwork workshop “From millwork to woodwork” (“Veskitööst puutööni)
  • Traditional mealtime

You can only experience it on the spot!

Please contact the mill lady and you will see the last working historic water mill in Estonia!

E-post: mae@veskimuuseum.ee; mob: +372 5205142

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