Mill stories

In Hellenurme on the bank of the Elva River mill-pond the 135 year old watermill built by the Middendorff family stands in the manor ensemble.
Inside the mill you can find machines and furniture of the 1930s.

On the four floors of the mill you can see, touch, feel and taste the way from grain to flour. There is an old Estonian saying which is still true;

Ärä nakka veskit enne kitmä, kui ei tiia määndse jahu tä tiip.

(Don`t praise the mill before you know what kind of flow it produces)

->For group visits the turbine will be opened and the miller will start the work.

->You can watch the milling process step by step, from grain to flour etc.

->In the breadroom the mill-lady offers ovenfresh bread and healthy drink.

->An exhibition of the old tools will be explained to you.

->Fireplace, campsite, swimming possibility nearby.

->Mill- products on sale.

->Working hydroelectric microturbine


From 8€ per visitor

Please, contact in advance and see the working mill yourself.

Must härg makap , massa-kopsu liiguve.
(The mill is like a sleeping ox whose lungs and liver are moving)